1953 born in Dusseldorf
1974-1978 Degree in German, Romance Studies and Philosophy at Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
1975-1978 sculptor Friedrich Werthmann, Düsseldorf
1977 Visiting student at Manitoba-Institute of Design, Winnipeg, Canada
since 1979 Sculpture studio in Düsseldorf
1979 Experiments with copper assemblages
1980 Strung Spaces with ropes and elastic
1982 Kommunikation series,Tree-trunks in steel rod sculptures
1985 Metaphysical Sculptures,Elementary geometry and metaphysics
1988 Sound Sculptures I; Geometry, and astronomy transformed into sound
1990 Multimedia Environments on ecological themes
1993 Sound sculptures II, amorphous metal bodies und vocal intonations
1995 Material and immaterial space sculptural ensembles of several distinct parts sculptural ensembles
2001 Dynamik – Equilibrium coloured steel pieces on a theme of vibration – mass – equilibrium
2004 space paintings on steel volumes made of laquer on stainless steel sheets
2007 skydrops – sculptures which ‘fall from the sky’Big-size painted steel sculptures with a ‘up to down’ dynamic
2009 CT-Paintings, micro or macro visions of organisms or landscapes Atompops, spheres of time and space
2011 CT-universe Paintings
2012 Member BDA (Association of German Architects)
2013 The Flying Cubes, Coop with Henkel AG using Henkel Adhesives products