Schönauer – Artist from Düsseldorf

Art is art if serious artistic enquiry can be perceived to underlie its production. All the rest is decoration or occupational therapy.

Thomas Schönauer, 2017
‘Himmelskreuz in Luthergarden’ in Wittenberg

The sculpture ‘Himmelskreuz’ (heaven-cross) is certainly one of the most important projects in my life. To get the chance to realize this contemporative symbol in the context of the 500. Anniversary of Reformation in the UNESCO protected area of Wittenberg is a great honor for me. And it happened the first time that the president of the Fedreal Republic of Germany inaugurated one of my sculptures. The Luthergarden is a project of my friend Andreas Kipar, founder of LAND (Italy, Switzerland, Germany). Realized in 2016

This drone video, produced by Ralph Richter, gives a very intense impression of the sculpture ‚Himmelskreuz', the ‚Luthergarden‘ and the surrounding in Wittenberg

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